Do you get turned on by the mere thought of a dominant women telling you what to do at the snap of My fingers?

You’ll be under My Helpless Deep Control.

Do you crave to be more submissive to a Dominant, Hypnotic women? Shall I teach you some manners for my own pleasure? Will you kneel before me and worship my feet? Mmm how about I make you feel owned and completely submissive? How about I extract all thoughts from your mind at the snap of my fingers under erotic trance? I do get so much satisfaction edging you during trance…..bringing you so close to cumming again and again yet denying you until I give you permission or perhaps not. You couldn’t cum even if you tried when you surrender yourself to me. And that’s exactly what I want…obedience and surrender.

Maybe you’ll be my pretty little sissy maid kept chaste for my amusement. I will pull out all those dirty little secrets you’ve kept hidden for so long, I’ll wipe away the shame and shadows and replace it with pleasure and the joy of being your authentic you…..come play with me…..Don’t fool yourself, your getting turned on by the thought of a Dominant women telling you exactly what you’re going to do and when you can get hard. You can’t help it, you feel the arousal beginning to stir. You are going to obey the sound of my voice to do exactly what you’re told, the sound of my voice gives you erotic pleasure. 

I certainly hope you’re not aroused this moment without permission. What would happen? Would your disobedience bring on punishment? I wonder what punishment or humiliation would make your cheeks burn and your heart race? You didn’t even have to think for two seconds, you already know. I want to know and you’re going to tell Me. And what make’s a good sub purr with delight for being good, obedient and bringing Mistress pleasure? Do tell. Pleasure and Pain… close you can hardly tell the difference. The beautiful sensuality of dominance and submission. Resistance is useless unless you like to struggle, then struggle you will. I want you to beg while under my Erotic Trance

I’m a certified hypnotist and trained Domme. Although known as Ms. EroticHypnotic, My good subjects address Me as Ms Lisa. I’ve found erotic hypnosis to be My passion in life.

I want obedience and surrender from you, which you will discover an erotic hypnotic desire to Please Me. You will give Me respect because I give it you, I do not need to raise My voice or be cruel for you to submit to Me. you will do so out of reverence and a deep, aching need to Please Me.

I am a writer and producer of erotic hypnosis audio files. So, My pet, experience the erotic hypnotic dream world as I cherish and view your submission to Me as a treasured gift, one in which I would never want to break or destroy. I am a seductive, powerful, dominant women who you will want to please to the very core of you.

My goal for you is to find your authentic self. To be free to express yourself sexually without judgement or shame. Do not underestimate the power of your own sexuality. To know who you are is to look deep inside and explore the kinks that make you hard or wet. 

Sometimes they are the same kinks that make you feel ashamed, rejected, confused and guilty for feeling a particular way. Sexuality is a broad spectrum that deserves to be explored and deeply enjoyed.

Ms Lisa, CH, HypnoDomme