Thirty one days of chastity. Are you prepared to completely hand over control of that cock to Me? Locktober is the perfect time to prove your loyalty and obedience to Me.

Now of course I’m not going to just leave you and expect you to be chaste the whole month without guidance from Me. I’m going to give you some tools to get through it with for your Mistress. I’m going to have a new erotic hypnosis file out, LOCKED AND LOADED out by October 1st to help you surrender into being My chastity slave. I will also give you a mantra to repeat in times of difficulty or preferably daily. I have several other files that do not allow orgasm I suggest you take a look into, after all you are going to be horny beyond belief.

Since I’m such an experienced hypnotist the actual chastity device will be optional. I do realize it’s not a practical device to wear 24/7 for a myriad of reasons. My hypnotic, seductive dominance will be more than enough to keep you under My helpless deep control. you are My hypnotic submissive and when you accept this life becomes so relaxing and arousing. If you do choose to wear a device which I think would be lovely you will be able to edge to My files that do not allow orgasm or you may edge to the mantra for 10 minutes daily.

My mantra will become part of who you are as you edge if you choose to.

I obey Ms Lisa

I need to please Ms Lisa

My orgasms belong to Ms Lisa

Ms Lisa owns Me

I am but Ms Lisa’s hypnoslave

you will be so happy, blank and obedient for Me, good boy. The more you obey the deeper you Sink, Drop and Sleep for Me…….


Ms EroticHypnotic aka Ms Lisa


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