Have you ever wondered where your erotic hypnosis fetish stemmed from? you know it’s there but you just can’t seem to remember?

Let Me assure you that the subconscious mind never forgets.

One of My favorite things to do besides making you My mindless good boy is to do regression sessions with My good boys.

I possess a certain skill set that ushers you into the past easily and effortlessly if you have the desire to obey Me and let go.

Some of My favorite sessions have been to regress My clients up to things that occurred 40-50 years ago and recall those scenes with precise and consistent detail. you see a properly trained hypnotist knows how to question you in a way where you recall the memories in your narrative and not mine. I’m here to guide you through the past and not to suggest something did or did not happen or sway you in any way.

This kind of session of course is opposite to My typical sensual domination erotic hypnosis where I impose suggestion and fantasy into your willing mind.


Ms Lisa

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