Below are just some observations through experience, so not the definitive collection of answers to become a good and obedient submissive. You may even learn other ways from your own experiences.

-Remove expectations from your mind. Having a perceived idea about how hypnosis will cause your mind and body to respond can potentially set you up for disappointment. If you have no expectations, any results will be seen as a positive experience.

-Wear loose clothing or if instructed by Ms Lisa, certain clothing or maybe even nothing at all. The body will become more relaxed from this and even over time learn to associate this with relaxing into a deeper state of trance. If you have a kink for being instructed what to wear with hypnosis, a fantastic starting audio is Pantie Trap.

-Let Ms Lisa, your professional Hypnodomme, guide you and do the thinking for you. An important aspect before being taken down into a deep trance, Ms Lisa, will get to know your thoughts and what you like and do not like within the realms of kink. Just put your trust in Ms Lisa to do the rest and guide your mind and body into a wonderful experience.

-Practice. It is like anything in real life, you have become good at a sport through training, become good at a particular topic through studying. So in becoming a better hypnosis subject, you practice relaxing techniques. Maybe start listening to an easy hypnosis audio file to start with and after listening, question if your thoughts wander outside the narrative of the audio. Were you thinking about the real world? Were you aware of your body and any physical movements? Did the temperature of the room affect your mood to relax? Did it matter if you were standing, sitting or lying down? Maybe experiment listening with eyes open and eyes closed, there are audio files that tell you to experience this; This erotic audio file is perfect for open and closed eye inductions, Sink Drop Sleep. You could even keep a diary and look back to compare notes to see if there is an improvement in relaxation and clearing out thoughts from the outside world.

-Do not be surprised when listening to an audio again if the experience is completely different. It is so easy for the subconscious to pick up a suggestion missed before or when your body is incredibly relaxed that it has an amazing alternative effect.

-Improve relaxation through breathing. Slow breathing can speed up the response in body relaxation. Associating this with repetitive dialogue is a great training method and Raven Code hits the sweet spot on this experience.

-Not all hypnotic experiences are instant. Ms Lisa has the ability to implant triggers that can have an immediate effect or triggers that can happen later with or without your realization. Even a post-hypnotic suggestion may be implanted to react to the moment you wake up from your sleep, Dream Room is a superb example of this.

-And finally, most important. Give feedback at the end of the hypnosis experience. Yes, I know, it can be easy to forget this, you are in a wonderful subspace and your mind has been deliciously scrambled into an erotic bliss. But feedback can sometimes give Ms Lisa insights into your experience and return to improve the erotic hypnotic experience even further based on previous experience. Also giving feedback is a good form of appreciation and can just make you have stronger feelings of submission.

If it is your first time starting and you are unsure where to begin, then start with an easy relaxing file with subtle elements of eroticism. Recommended listening Sensual River Daze.

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