When creating that erotic environment with Your Mistress, Ms Lisa, it is important for Your HypnoDomme to know what you are looking for or more importantly what you, yourself is looking for. I know, you are thinking, easy, breasts, buttocks, anal penetration, followed by some sissy dressing and spanking.

Sometimes, you can get so caught up in the desires that the scenario will fill, you lose sight of why you are fulfilling this scenario. Ultimately, you are submitting to your Mistress, Ms Lisa, and in that moment blossom and flourish from your hidden desires.

If you are in the initial stages of building a relationship with your Mistress, just focus on one simple element and explore around this. I find that one of two things will happen. This one fetish experience will become rich and deep in description and enhance the pleasure further. Or, from that heightened arousal will come the unexpected additional fetishes that will branch out from the focused fetish. Sometimes the unexpected can be such a turn on, for you and even your Mistress as the scenario takes an unexpected change of direction.

For example, a belly button. Now, it may not be a fetish you think. But just play with the concept. Imagine Your Mistress is on Her back and demanding Your attention with Your lips first hovering over Her navel. Your lips barely touching. Where will this take you? Is your Mistress’ stomach rising and falling from Her breathing? Is it fast of slow or does it match your head rising and falling from your breathing? Do you feel the heat from your breath radiating back from Her soft skin? The delicate hairs that touch your nose as your tongue gently touches into her naval to taste that sweet scent the breathes from the pours of Her body.

Do you enjoy the anticipation in that moment, deciding what to do next, or now if on a phone call with Ms Lisa, your HypnoDomme, as She then guides you, anticipating the change in pace? Do you dare start to kiss up Her body at the risk of a consequence? Or do you indicate that you enjoy Her hands holding your hair and head in place. Maybe Her hands now placed higher on your head. Nothing else has been said but you might take cue and want to be pushed down between your Mistress’ legs and please Her with Your tongue. But if you move down, you know those legs wrapped around your back will lock you in tight and pull you in on an everlasting night of pleasure. Do you have the stamina to continuously pleasure with your tongue or now an overriding guilt is on your mind, now gnawing its way, something you now remembered you had forgotten to confess?

By starting in a place, such as a navel, which might not be an obvious fetish, it can create a step in the scenario to move you in an unexpected course of direction to a hidden fetish that will flourish in arousal as you surprisingly explore.

Where are you now? “Yes, My goodboy” Ms Lisa will say as you realize you are still kissing Her navel, the anticipation heightening the arousal.

If you are looking for some inspiration, then look no further, you are in the perfect place to explore the realms of your fetish fantasies, listen to one of Ms Lisa’s audios. If it is your first time purchase, I recommend one of the following; Sinking into Submission, The Dream Room, and Helpess Deep Control. With these, there is no command of an exploding ending but you will come out of these audios highly aroused with a desire to act on your own impulses, maybe even pulling out some naughty thought or an undiscovered fetish in the process.

So ask yourself now “where will Ms Lisa take me and what hidden fetish will She help me find?”

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