As a sub, i have a few years experience under my belt (no pun intended there) listening to erotic audio hypnosis files. I have asked the title question on many occasions.

Years ago, I was reading about hypnosis from a scientific point of view, from the theory of a hypnotist. It was not that I wanted to perform hypnosis but understand at what point I was experiencing it. I was trying to identify that specific moment. There in my mistake, hypnosis is not a simple flip of a switch.

Think about watching a football match. Maybe angry with the referee, excitement with a goal, sadness from an injury, puzzlement with a decision. But, how many times did you clap your hands, or shout out loud, or stand in your seat? During a hypnosis session, you become aware of things that are going on, such as the voice and what is being said, but the other part of your mind might not remember past that moment or realise that your breathing had slowed down. You have the sense of smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing. A word can link to your subconscious with these senses. The word sizzle as a sound can be associated with cooking so you think of the smell of cooking food and then the taste of it. Hypnosis gives you words which subconsciously your mind will associate with certain conditions. You might hear the term in-trance. When you were on public transport today or driving and stopped at traffic lights, do you know what you were thinking at that point. Probably not now, but you were likely in a mild state of trance and your subconscious registered that thought and may resurface later, maybe when you next stop at traffic lights.

A couple of weeks ago, I experienced a hands free orgasm from an audio file. It was very basic in the content and if it was not for the HFO, I would have denied any feeling of hypnosis or trance. I even listened to it a couple of days later and did not experience HFO. But I felt as relaxed as the first time round. There really was no difference in my experience apart from one thing. The first time round I did not expect anything. Second time around I had expectations. So don’t try to start any audio with any preconception of an outcome. Just enjoy the moment of the experience. My enjoyment comes from listening to the same audio for a few days and experiencing different results.

Ms Lisa has some wonderful phrases in Her erotic audio files. One that comes to mind, “every hypnosis is self hypnosis” or I could be wrong as I am sure She will correct me. I think I have heard this phrase quite a few times but I can’t tell you which file it is from. That’s the beauty, Ms Lisa will weave into your open and willing mind lots of intricate phrases. Some you will remember straight after, some the next day and some not at all. You will experience sensual feelings from all those states of memory recollection. Now, that’s hypnosis. If I had to give my best guess, maybe Sinking into Submission had that phrase. If not, then take enjoyment in another phrase woven into my mind by Ms Lisa from an unknown file location. Hypnosis can sometimes change your state of mind or body but no conscious sign helps you realise this. Experiencing amnesia play is good indication that hypnosis is certainly have the desired effect.

If you enjoy the idea of memory play, then I strongly recommend Penetration Therapy on its own merit, a very submissive experience. There is a recent release erotic audio Erased, here a lot is left to the subconscious mind to interpret in this audio and I am having different experiences with this audio each time, but I would recommend first listening to Sink Drop Sleep and Helpless Deep Control as these files have wonderful triggers that link well to this. In fact, Ms Lisa, does have a lot of triggers linking between files, so certainly a collection of a few files greatly enhances the sensual experience of being in trance. Ms Lisa’s erotic audio collections have good recommendations for a particular fetish you may need to explore.

Self hypnosis comes from allowing your mind to accept words and suggestions. Try not to think or say “can You hypnotise me?” or “how do I know when I am hypnotised?”. Even the question could create doubt and a barrier in the ability for your subconscious mind to induce self hypnosis from the suggestions given to you.

Instead, think or say “I want to be hypnotised”.

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