When deep in trance to the sweet and subtle tones of Ms EroticHypnotic, have you ever wondered how to avoid Ms Lisa’s voice inadvertently playing the music collection on your media player during shuffle mode? Well, okay, that is not such a bad idea, but you do not want it to play by chance when friends and family around.

On an iPhone, you do not have to worry about your iTunes playing erotic hypnosis audios by accident. You must add it. Even official purchased tracks can be hidden with the stock app feature.

On Android devices, there is no app feature to hide an audio file. However, there is a manual method to hide a complete directory folder. First, you need a dummy (latex not included) file which will be the trigger (not a hypnotic one!) to hide all other files in designated directory. They are a multitude of ways to create this dummy file. I just use the stock voice recorder app to record less than a second of nothing and then move this saved file to desired directory. I then rename this file as .nomedia and on saving, this file will disappear from view (like a freshly-lubed butt plug). It is now a hidden file which you can view by tapping the directory ellipsis, then settings and select show hidden files.

This .nomedia file tags the directory not to be scanned automatically for media files. You can still access this directory from your media player app. This is also why media players never have your ringtones playing as a .nomedia file also sits in this directory.

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