i had been searching for a HypnoDomme for a while now and this day was the first time i had received a message to thank me for the follow. It was a wonderful surprise as I had just listened to a sample recording of Ms EroticHypnotic on a website and was instantly drawn to Her voice, words and articulation of the tones that emanated from Her lips. An image so easily forming in my mind.

i wanted to purchase an audio file and already i knew i would be purchasing more than one so i decided to politely message asking if my choice was suitable as my first file and received a short and lovely reply to confirm.

So that night, i put on my headphones and laid back to listen on what was expected to be a simple induction file. Sinking into Submission far exceeded this. That safe and reassuring voice gradually guiding me, while warm and erotic feelings started to coarse through my veins until a feeling of increasing domination swept effortlessly through to control me. I was so turned on, during and after taking my headphones off, the incredible intensity of it all as i sat up breathless thinking ‘Ms Lisa is no ordinary HypnoDomme. i have finally found a dominant lady whose delivery of hypnosis is unsurpassed.’

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