Erotic Hypnosis Audios

Hello My good boy, take My word for it.
But also, take My good boys’ word for it.

“Absolutely the best at Her craft. under Ms. Lisa’s Helpless Deep Control and mindlessly obediently performing for Her in every way imaginable. Intense and mind blowing. I obey Ms. Lisa.”

“A very intense hypnotic seduction that has me wanting to give myself to Mistress Lisa. This lady loves taking you down and overwhelming you with sexual energy.”

“Another powerful recording but it’s more than just an erotic hypnosis. The music was actually really good and added to the mental visuals. Very Addictive voice.”

“Every word Ms Lisa says oozes with seductive dominance. She makes you want to willingly give up all control and hand it over on your knees in obedience. Her strict voice makes me ache for more.”

The Mantra Collection

The Tease Collection

The JOI Collection

The Sissy Collection

The Worship Collection

The Bondage Collection

The Serene Collection

The Trigger Collection

The Femdom Collection