Sensual River Daze

I want My potential good boys to have easy access and experience a little taste and tease of My hypnotic, dominant powers.
Firstly, Leave the world behind with Me as you go deep into nature. For instance, in this sanctuary I allow you to explore your authentic submissive nature, to share yourself freely with Me.
Second, allow Me to beautifully meld earth and water with My hypnotic voice to bring deep relaxation and heightened senses of pleasure.
As a result, waves of erotic audio will roll through you as you give in to Me.
Most importantly, I guide you to create a safe, sensual, tranquil space you can return to time and time again.
From My beautiful lips, sway and influence flows as naturally as the river, unbelievably strong and true because, You will know what it is like to crave Me with an unquenchable thirst.
Be assured, I will take you under My seductive control and condition you to be My obedient good boy.

Erotic audio info:
✪ Contains post hypnotic suggestion
✪ Countdown to trance
✪ Guided imagery

Ms EroticHypnotic aka Ms Lisa

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File length 16 minutes

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