Sink, Drop, Sleep

My seductive, authoritative voice will make you sink like a rock in this erotic audio.

Sink, Drop, Sleep, three simple words that influence the subconscious automatically.

So powerless against My influence….the more you stroke the more powerless you become.

In this erotic hypnosis audio I’m going to fractionate the fuck out you. If you didn’t know, pulling you up and down out of trance takes you deeper each time. It’s a devious method to shape you into My mindless pet but I know you crave that kind of control

All you want is My control, all you want to do is to fall deeper, you want Me to make you a mindless drone who doesn’t think. You simply want to please Me and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do just that.

I get off on consensual manipulation and I know you do too. As usual if it gets to be too much you always have your safe word, Red. Of course you won’t need it, you’ll be enraptured as I use use cunning ways to mind fuck you.

you’re powerless to stop yourself from falling into My hypnotic hands and become a simple, suggestible, hypnoslave, always aroused and always aiming to please Me.

I bring erotic hypnosis and my persuasive dominance to a level you become powerless to stop.


Ms EroticHypnotic aka Ms Lisa

File contains:
✪ Trigger phrase for trance
✪ Pleasing Ms Lisa
✪ Female Domination
✪ Safe word Red
✪ Edging
✪ Orgasm Denial
✪ Fractionation
✪ Post hypnotic suggestion to listen and obey
✪ Backtrack of ways to please Me

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