The Bewitching Bench

Are you daring enough to give yourself over to a skilled HypnoDomme like Me and be tied under My hypnotic voice? Yes you are if you read any further than this…

Watching over you as you as you moan and stir in your sleep, what an erotic sight to see you hard and dripping for Me. Snatched from your bed to willingly follow Me on a psychedelic trip into the ether.
One sip of My Widow’s Kiss elixir has magical properties as you’ll soon find out. I’m just dying to show you My alluring den of delights. Let’s go to My secret place where so many powerfully arousing and devious things have been had.
I’m extraordinarily excited to bind you to My very special bench, hand crafted together with cedar boards, 12 hooks on either side to give Me so many choices how to secure My more than willing slave.
I’m going to test your stamina with My special cock pumping machine while you pleasure Me over and over in whatever manner I wish.
I’m your Mistress, your Enchantress, the Bewitching Seductress you have no chance of resisting.
you know you need a good mindfuck and I’m going to give it to you.
This erotic audio weaves in several other elements and triggers from past files, most notably The Raven Code, that you’ll find to be comforting, familiar and completely irresistible.
It’s perfectly fine as well if this is our first time though, I’ll teach you My ways soon enough.

Warnings in this erotic audio:
✪ Psychedelic suggestion
✪ Bondage
✪ Countdown
✪ Finger snaps (light)
✪ Sensual triggers
✪ Amnesia
✪ Mantra
✪ Magical Elixir-Widow’s Kiss
✪ Cum command
✪ Cock pumping machine
✪ Edging
✪ Fucking
✪ Cunnilingus
✪ Safeword: Red

Ms EroticHypnotic aka Ms Lisa
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File Length approx 45 minutes

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