The Raven Code Mantra Clip (mp4)

Please Me, learn My mantra as you fall into trance watching My amulet sway between My lace covered breasts. Repeat My mantra as it resonates in your blank mind over and over again until you hear My voice in your dreams.
For My good boys who crave more control of a dominant, hypnotic, seductress ask Me for Corner Time instructions. Oh yes… you will be lost in My Helpless Deep Control.
If you already have The Raven Code Goody Bag these words will be hauntingly familiar to you. If you don’t, of course you need to purchase the full audio version of The Raven Code and all My other powerfully, sensually dominant Goody Bags that will leave you dripping in arousal.
If you enjoy My work, be a good pet and leave Me some feedback full of grateful admiration for your Mistress.
Erotic hypnosis video clip approx 4 minutes plus a few added photos to put in the spank bank.

Ms EroticHypnotic aka Ms Lisa

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runs for approx 3mins 45secs (video mp4)

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