Custom hypnosis audio services are available to good boys that have already purchased an audio from one of my affiliate sites. I will layer your name with My seductive silky voice over any one of My original audios you have purchased.

Current special price $75.00 (discounted from $125.00)

Contact Me to confirm details with proof of which audio you have purchased and send payment to proceed with purchase of custom audio which I will then create for you.

Just imagine Me purring your name from those silky red lips of Mine, exploring your mind as it opens up to the heightened arousal, taking you down, deeper, further than you have ever imagined before. Do you need some suggestions for a custom audio? How about some tease and denial to have you craving repeatedly. Let Me get you snuggled up tight with custom erotic bondage audio. Or maybe your body is wriggling with hidden desires to try on some panties with a custom sissy audio Maybe I am the only one true Goddess you will ever need to worship with a little bit of custom tributing.

How lovely to have My hypnotic and erotic voice take you down in your own words.

Ms Lisa

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